Researchers Think Nicotinamide May Protect Against Glaucoma

The human body goes through changes every day from a microscopic level to physical changes we can see with our own eyes. We heal when we get cuts and bruises our bones repair itself when it breaks due to an accident we get involved in. The liver regenerates when it gets damaged because of the food we eat and the kind fluids we intake. Our stomach digest, our heart pumps blood to different parts of our body and even our teeth have the important role of breaking down our food before we swallow it.

If one or two parts of our body get permanently damaged despite how careful we may be, there are chances that we cannot function in the same way. Yes, the body self-heals but there is still a limit to how much it could do. Do not fret though, with the technological advances and advanced medical researches, some illnesses that were thought to be incurable or unpreventable now have solutions that can be accessed by the public. This is a very significant improvement to when there were limited medications available and there were only a number of illnesses that were curable.

One common complication that usually develops as a person ages is glaucoma. This is an ailment that targets the eyes and causes the individual to slowly go blind because of how the pressure builds up at the back of the eye socket. Often characterized by the milky white film that covers the pupil and has the tendency to gradually spread until the eyes turn white. There used to be no known glaucoma protection that can be bought until recent years.

What Is Nicotinamide and How Can It Help Prevent Glaucoma?

Nicotinamide, abbreviated as NAM, is a compound element found in food and considered as an active form of vitamin B3. It is also a component for NAD or nadide which is a coenzyme that is commonly found in nature. NAM is usually used as a dietary supplement because the body at times does not get enough amount of vitamin B3 from the food one eats. Deficiency in this vitamin can cause pellagra which has indications like vomiting, diarrhea, sores in the mouth and even as far as causing dementia.

Doctors suggest that using this compound as a form of glaucoma protection because of how the active ingredient can help slow down or prevent neurode-generation in vital parts of the eyes. It is also a benefit that when this becomes an approved treatment and easier for elders to use them. Instead of using drops, they can orally take the pills most senior citizens find it difficult to use eye drops thus this alternative will make it more effortless in preventing glaucoma. They can also integrate it with their regular medications on a day to day basis.