The Relationship Between Nicotinamide And Aging

Nowadays there are a lot of supplements, medicines or herbal drinks that humans use to have a healthier lifestyle and to have a younger body. However, there are natural ways to achieve that. Some vitamins and foods are not only good for our health but also fight the effects of aging.

Recent studies have discovered the potential use and effect of the chemical compound NAD to the process of aging of our body cells. The study conducted by the University of New South Wales and Harvard University proved that nicotinamide and its derivatives could act as an anti-aging agent. It was found out that the higher the level of this compound in our body results in a decrease in the aging process. Nicotinamide or commonly known as NAD is responsible for the reverse of the aging process of our body cells.

As people age, the levels of this chemical compound reduces. Consuming foods that contain this vitamin will increase the level hence tricking your body into thinking you are younger. Higher levels of NAD will improve your physical strength, energy, and even motivation, passion and enthusiasm. Nicotinamide facilitates a transfer of energy to the cells in our body. Higher concentration of NAD means more energy is produced and more energy will be available for mental and physical activities. This chemical compound reverses the process of aging.

NAD activates the sirtuins in our body which controls the metabolic homeostasis. Levels of nicotinamide indicate the speed of our aging process. Higher concentration of NAD results in younger cells and tissue.

Nicotinamide fight the effects of aging such as age-related disorders. NAD addresses the defective mitochondrial function. It enhances mitochondrial growth and efficiency. Nicotinamide increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin thus making healthier levels of sugar in the blood. By these activities NAD makes the body younger.

This chemical compound can also be used as an active ingredient to skin-care products to address skin problems and skin aging. It is water-soluble that reacts with the natural substances in your skin. This vitamin improves the appearance of skin. It lessens and enhances the appearance of the enlarged pores, uneven skin tone wrinkles etc. It also enhances dullness of skin and fine lines in your faces. This chemical compound also enhances the skin immunity and epidermal barrier performance. The vitamin also regulates oil flow in your skin. It also protects the skin from infrared lights or the heat of the sun.