The Battle Against Prostate Issues

Specialists at the University of Miami have discovered that an over-the-counter enhancement is viable in both forestalling and treating prostate malignant growth.

The group additionally found that 4-MU stopped the metastatic spread of prostate malignancy.

The enhancement, 4-methylumbelliferone (4-MU), is a non-harmful oral operator utilized as a dietary enhancement in Europe and Asia for improving liver wellbeing. Treating mice with the enhancement seemed to hinder prostate malignancy from further creating beginning when two months after the rodents were analyzed.

“The outcomes were essentially astounding,” head examiner Dermo B. Lokeshwar, a teacher of urology and chief of the pilot and translational examinations segment of the Florida Clinical and Translational Science Institute, said in a news article recently.

As indicated by the National Institute, prostate disease is the most widely recognized nonskin malignant growth and second driving reason for malignant growth related demise in men in the U.S. In 2014, there were an expected 233,000 new cases and around 30,000. Projections for 2015 are comparative.

For their investigation, scientists utilized a mice model of prostate malignant growth, treating mice at unmistakable phases of the ailment and halting treatment at 28 weeks. They also investigated the use of 4MU Pro, a supplement containing 4MU from different vendors. The results were promising.

At the point when treatment began at eight or 12 weeks, it totally repressed prostate disease improvement and development. At 22 weeks, analysts found that little malignancies had quit developing and at times even relapsed.

Researchers Think Nicotinamide May Protect Against Glaucoma

The human body goes through changes every day from a microscopic level to physical changes we can see with our own eyes. We heal when we get cuts and bruises our bones repair itself when it breaks due to an accident we get involved in. The liver regenerates when it gets damaged because of the food we eat and the kind fluids we intake. Our stomach digest, our heart pumps blood to different parts of our body and even our teeth have the important role of breaking down our food before we swallow it.

If one or two parts of our body get permanently damaged despite how careful we may be, there are chances that we cannot function in the same way. Yes, the body self-heals but there is still a limit to how much it could do. Do not fret though, with the technological advances and advanced medical researches, some illnesses that were thought to be incurable or unpreventable now have solutions that can be accessed by the public. This is a very significant improvement to when there were limited medications available and there were only a number of illnesses that were curable.

One common complication that usually develops as a person ages is glaucoma. This is an ailment that targets the eyes and causes the individual to slowly go blind because of how the pressure builds up at the back of the eye socket. Often characterized by the milky white film that covers the pupil and has the tendency to gradually spread until the eyes turn white. There used to be no known glaucoma protection that can be bought until recent years.

What Is Nicotinamide and How Can It Help Prevent Glaucoma?

Nicotinamide, abbreviated as NAM, is a compound element found in food and considered as an active form of vitamin B3. It is also a component for NAD or nadide which is a coenzyme that is commonly found in nature. NAM is usually used as a dietary supplement because the body at times does not get enough amount of vitamin B3 from the food one eats. Deficiency in this vitamin can cause pellagra which has indications like vomiting, diarrhea, sores in the mouth and even as far as causing dementia.

Doctors suggest that using this compound as a form of glaucoma protection because of how the active ingredient can help slow down or prevent neurode-generation in vital parts of the eyes. It is also a benefit that when this becomes an approved treatment and easier for elders to use them. Instead of using drops, they can orally take the pills most senior citizens find it difficult to use eye drops thus this alternative will make it more effortless in preventing glaucoma. They can also integrate it with their regular medications on a day to day basis.

Benefits Of Getting Enough Vitamin B3

Benefits Of Getting Enough Vitamin B3

When it comes to what vitamin B3 or otherwise known as Niacin can do for the body, there are many interesting things that you need to know. It is a very important nutrient for the body so that it can function the way it is. When you take niacin as a supplement, it can help in lowering cholesterol, boost the functions of the brain and even ease arthritis.


It matters that you understand what niacin does and how it benefits the body so that you will know how you control it and its effects. The reason is that you also need to limit your intake of niacin and that you have to make sure that it gives you the benefits that you need in the right amounts.

What More Can Niacin Offer?

Basically vitamin B3 is one of the eight present B-vitamins in the body and it also comes in two chemical forms. Each of its forms has their own effects on the body and both of these forms can be found in supplements and also in various foods.

Niacin acid being used as a supplement is also called as nicotinic acid and it can be used to treat heart diseases as well as high cholesterol. On the other hand niacinamide or nicotinamide is not able to lower cholesterol but it helps in treating type 1 diabetes as well as schizophrenia and some skin conditions.

The body doesn’t store niacin since it is water-soluble and this also means that the body is able to excrete any excess amount of this vitamin when no longer needed. Naturally, the body gets niacin through the food that you eat and it also creates them through amino acid tryptophan.

How Niacin Does Its Work For The Body

Just like how all Vitamin B’s function it helps convert food into energy that the body needs, they do this by helping enzymes in doing their jobs. Niacin is also a major component when it comes to NAD and NADP; these are coenzymes that have major roles in cellular metabolism.

The Exercise Equipment You Definitely Need For A Home Gym

Doing your workout at home is the most convenient way of getting your needed daily exercise without being hassled with schedules and traveling to the gym. So, in order to realize that; you need exercise equipment for your home-gym needs. There are plenty of choices when it comes to buying equipment for home gym use. But what you need to consider are the equipment that you are already using or you plan to use and the price that goes with it to comply to your budget.

What is this equipment?
Here are a few tips when considering equipment for your home gym. This equipment can be classified according to its purpose, like:

  1. For cardio workout there are the:
  • Treadmills –provides a walking and running surface for different workout programs. It can go and incline in three levels. It uses machine to drive its system. It is often foldable for easy storage. Some additional features are heart rate monitoring apparatus with chest strap; an integrated-type cooling fans and built-in sound using iPhone connection or an MP3-compatible system
  • Upright Bike – with adjustable magnetic tensioner that controls the system for different levels of endurance. Comfortable cushion seat with capacity of 300 pounds. Foldable for easy storage.
  • Elliptical- a low impact without straining joints this cardio exercise that 20-inch adjustable mechanism and 20 degree inclination for more endurance requirement. Suitable for 300 pounds individuals. These features adjustable pedal and stride as well as different inclination levels to get varying degrees of workout.
  1. For strength training
  • Kettlebells – comes in a set of varied weights to provide different fitness level requirement. This is used to perform varied exercises. It is vinyl coated to prevent noise and damage to the floor. Comes with ergonomic handle and constructed with durable cast iron material.
  • This machine has adjustable incline for different levels of resistance suitable for different fitness levels. It performs different pull and push exercises through the system pulley.

Home workout is the best solution for busy individuals who want to have a good exercise regimen without the hassle of travelling and time considerations.

The Relationship Between Nicotinamide And Aging

Nowadays there are a lot of supplements, medicines or herbal drinks that humans use to have a healthier lifestyle and to have a younger body. However, there are natural ways to achieve that. Some vitamins and foods are not only good for our health but also fight the effects of aging.

Recent studies have discovered the potential use and effect of the chemical compound NAD to the process of aging of our body cells. The study conducted by the University of New South Wales and Harvard University proved that nicotinamide and its derivatives could act as an anti-aging agent. It was found out that the higher the level of this compound in our body results in a decrease in the aging process. Nicotinamide or commonly known as NAD is responsible for the reverse of the aging process of our body cells.

As people age, the levels of this chemical compound reduces. Consuming foods that contain this vitamin will increase the level hence tricking your body into thinking you are younger. Higher levels of NAD will improve your physical strength, energy, and even motivation, passion and enthusiasm. Nicotinamide facilitates a transfer of energy to the cells in our body. Higher concentration of NAD means more energy is produced and more energy will be available for mental and physical activities. This chemical compound reverses the process of aging.

NAD activates the sirtuins in our body which controls the metabolic homeostasis. Levels of nicotinamide indicate the speed of our aging process. Higher concentration of NAD results in younger cells and tissue.

Nicotinamide fight the effects of aging such as age-related disorders. NAD addresses the defective mitochondrial function. It enhances mitochondrial growth and efficiency. Nicotinamide increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin thus making healthier levels of sugar in the blood. By these activities NAD makes the body younger.

This chemical compound can also be used as an active ingredient to skin-care products to address skin problems and skin aging. It is water-soluble that reacts with the natural substances in your skin. This vitamin improves the appearance of skin. It lessens and enhances the appearance of the enlarged pores, uneven skin tone wrinkles etc. It also enhances dullness of skin and fine lines in your faces. This chemical compound also enhances the skin immunity and epidermal barrier performance. The vitamin also regulates oil flow in your skin. It also protects the skin from infrared lights or the heat of the sun.

Foods That Can Help Fight Aging

The thought of growing older has been a fantasy we wanted to come true when we were children. We had this vision of having the capacity to do whatever we desired because we would be old enough to do so. But when we get to the age we always dreamed to have, we realize that it’s not all glitz and glamour. We have to work hard to get what we want and work harder to maintain it. We also learn that we can’t hold on to everything but we can improve the things and skills we have now.

Is There A Way To Stop Aging?

A person cannot literally stop aging, but there are ways to maintain that youthful glow that makes a person look young. Most medical professionals suggest to have a healthy lifestyle, eat the right kind of food and properly exercise regularly. Taking time to rest and have hobbies to stimulate the mind can benefit a person because when we say healthy, it is not only limited to the physical aspects but also mentally. Having a healthy body is not going to do much if one does not have a healthy mind.

There are also anti-aging foods that an individual can incorporate into their meals or take as a snack while at work. Nuts, especially almonds, are rich in vitamin E which helps repair the skin and give you that natural healthy glow rather than spending a significant amount on creams and lotions. Blueberries are also popular because of the high level of anti-oxidant as well as multiple vitamins that help promote healthy skin. Salads containing watercress is a good option for when you want a light snack because this leafy vegetable promotes circulations and mineral delivery for the cells within our body.

How to Easily Incorporate Food for Anti-aging into Your Daily Life?

The main goal for anti-aging foods is that the nutrients you absorb will make you look younger than you are. Meaning most of the items you consume should help improve your skin’s health rather than make you thinner or help digestion. Getting wrinkles and age lines are signs you want to avoid as time goes by because that is when people think that a person is aging. There are a number of fruits and vegetables that can help increase collage and vitamin E intake aside from taking them in pill form.

Looking up simple recipes for salads and even nut bars can be one of the simpler ways of integrating anti-aging into your day to day life. They can be prepared in advance so that it would be easier to remember to bring them before going to work. You can also turn them into shakes or eat them as is.

Nicotinamide: Are There Any Side Effects When You Use It?

If you have come across with the term NAD+ PRO aka Nicotinamide Riboside you would probably wonder what kind of animal is this because the term is unfamiliar and not as popular as you would recognize. Nicotinamide Riboside is a chemical compound that our body has; we actually produce it inside us. It is known as a precursor of Vitamin B3, it is derived from this vitamin. You can also get Nicotinamide Riboside from foods that are rich in Niacin or Vitamin B3 like fish, poultry or beef. The nicotinamide side effects are low if taken responsibly.

Effective Supplement

Nicotinamide nowadays is considered as one of the most effective supplements for anti-aging and damage cells repair. It has been associated with protecting the neurons from any forms of traumatic injury or stroke. it helps in energy production in the body and also with nutrient synthesis.

Because of this supplement, it has made its way up as one of the best supplement because it helps prevent type 1 diabetes and cancer.

Has Helped People With Diabetes

Since diabetes (type 1) is considered as an autoimmune disease that happens when the beta-cells of the pancreas is destroyed by the body’s own white blood cells, the role of nicotinamide is to protect these beta-cells from the damage and help perk up insulin secretion in the body of those who have type diabetes.

Prevention of Cancer

A study was made and according to LP Institute nicotinamide can influence cellular response to DNA when it is injured, its role is to prevent cancer. For most people who experience symptoms of cancer they can take high dosages of niacin it lowers the risks of having throat and mouth cancer.

Side effects may include

  • Flushing reaction
  • Feeling burning
  • Tingling
  • Itching
  • Redness in the face, arms, chest
  • Headaches
  • Upset stomach
  • Dizziness or pain in the mouth

That’s why it is important to stick with the proper dosage and never experiment taking a high dosage of the supplement because you might experience the list side effects above. Asking for the advice of the physician shall be the patient’s primary concern when he feels that the side effects are getting serious. Knowing that the supplement must be used only for the purpose it is provided. The nicotinamide side effects can be contained if taken in low dosage, take the supplement as instructed.


What To Do When The Doctor Diagnoses Insulin Sensitivity


A hormone that is produced by the pancreas which allows the body to use glucose from carbohydrates in food for energy use or for future energy use is called an insulin. The hormone insulin helps the body keep its blood sugar levels from getting above the normal range or too low from the normal range. The body needs enough sugar for it to produce energy that helps the human body do its daily activities hence the need for sugar but not all the sugar goes into the body cells directly and this is why there is a rise in the blood sugar level. This is where the pancreas produces insulin that is distributed into the bloodstream and absorbs the sugar.

Insulin Sensitivity

When the body is sensitive to the effects of insulin then the person has insulin sensitivity. This person will require smaller amounts of insulin in their body to lower is blood sugar levels. This condition varies from person to person and in order to find out its sensitivity to insulin.


Diabetes is one of the most common diseases that affect millions of people around the world. It is one of the most common causes of death in mankind. There are two types of diabetes. One is the type 1 diabetes where it causes the beta cells in the pancreas that creates insulin to be destroyed. This type of diabetes is autoimmune. The body is prevented from producing enough insulin to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. On the other hand, type 2 diabetes mellitus results in hyperglycemia or high blood sugar levels. It is a metabolic disorder where the body is unable to produce enough insulin.

How Insulin Sensitivity Affects People With Diabetes?

If a person has low insulin sensitivity, the person will require higher amounts of insulin in their body to keep its blood sugar levels stable. This is also referred to as someone with insulin resistance. Due to this, your body may have other health problems such as high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. If you have high sensitivity to insulin, it also presents other problems for people who have type 1 diabetes, especially on children.

Importance of insulin

Insulin is very important to the human body because it is needed to regulate the blood sugar levels of the body. However, some conditions prohibit the insulin to do its work thus having to proceed in having treatments for diabetic patients.

The Many Reasons To Buy And Use NAD+

Getting old is something that everyone will have to go through despite the availability of anti-aging products in the market these days. However, though you cannot stop aging you can still do something to slow down the signs. This is when you can think of using the NAD+. NAD which stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide has something to do with the aging process that people go through. It also affects the physical and mental capability of a person that somehow deteriorates as he gets old.

Why Should You Consider Using Supplements with NAD+?

If you are one of those people who are alarmed to undergo the aging process maybe because you don’t want to have lots of wrinkles in your face and experience low energy then it can be a good idea for you to look for products that contains NAD+. You have to keep in mind that the level of NAD+ in the body tends to lower down when people get older. As a result, they start experiencing the signs of aging, poor metabolism and low energy.

NAD+ is not just for aging but it can benefits overall health. In this case, it is just right for you to buy NAD+ if you want to obtain its benefits such as the following.

  • It can help you maintain proper metabolism thus hindering you to store fats in your body that can possibly lead to obesity.
  • It can promote better mental and physical condition.
  • It can help in slowing down the process of aging so you don’t have to panic about having wrinkles in your face.
  • It can help in maintaining the right level of blood sugar in the body. This can therefore keep you away from acquiring diabetes.
  • It improves the function of the muscles in the body.
  • It can also help you prevent acquiring cancer.

With the benefits that you can get from using supplements with NAD+, you don’t have to think twice of looking for a website that could supply you the product. When you buy NAD+ online, make sure that you obtain it from the right source if you want to have the guarantee of experiencing its real benefits. This is not only for older people but it can also be used by the young ones knowing that it affects overall health. Make sure that you follow the instructions give on how you should use the product to maximize the results.