Benefits Of Getting Enough Vitamin B3

Benefits Of Getting Enough Vitamin B3

When it comes to what vitamin B3 or otherwise known as Niacin can do for the body, there are many interesting things that you need to know. It is a very important nutrient for the body so that it can function the way it is. When you take niacin as a supplement, it can help in lowering cholesterol, boost the functions of the brain and even ease arthritis.


It matters that you understand what niacin does and how it benefits the body so that you will know how you control it and its effects. The reason is that you also need to limit your intake of niacin and that you have to make sure that it gives you the benefits that you need in the right amounts.

What More Can Niacin Offer?

Basically vitamin B3 is one of the eight present B-vitamins in the body and it also comes in two chemical forms. Each of its forms has their own effects on the body and both of these forms can be found in supplements and also in various foods.

Niacin acid being used as a supplement is also called as nicotinic acid and it can be used to treat heart diseases as well as high cholesterol. On the other hand niacinamide or nicotinamide is not able to lower cholesterol but it helps in treating type 1 diabetes as well as schizophrenia and some skin conditions.

The body doesn’t store niacin since it is water-soluble and this also means that the body is able to excrete any excess amount of this vitamin when no longer needed. Naturally, the body gets niacin through the food that you eat and it also creates them through amino acid tryptophan.

How Niacin Does Its Work For The Body

Just like how all Vitamin B’s function it helps convert food into energy that the body needs, they do this by helping enzymes in doing their jobs. Niacin is also a major component when it comes to NAD and NADP; these are coenzymes that have major roles in cellular metabolism.